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Recognize Hypertension Disease Part 2

Written By SALWA store on Saturday, May 19, 2012 | 2:17 AM

Hypertension Symptom 
In the majority of patients, hypertension does not cause symptoms, even if by accident some of the symptoms occur simultaneously and reliably associated with high blood pressure (but not really). Symptom in question is a headache, bleeding from the nose, dizziness, flushed face and fatigue that occur either bias in patients with hypertension, as well as to a person with normal blood pressure.

If hypertension is severe or chronic and untreated, refractive following symptoms:
1.      Headache
2.      Fatigue
3.      Nausea
4.      Vomiting
5.      Shortness of breath
6.      Restlessness
7.      The view is blurred due to the presence of damage to the brain, eyes, heart and kidneys.
Sometimes patients with severe hypertension decreased consciousness and even coma due to brain swelling. This situation is called hypertensive encephalopathy, which requires immediate treatment.

Hypertension Prevention
In order to avoid fatal complications of hypertension prevention should be taken
1.      Reduce consumption of salt
2.      Avoiding obesity
3.      Limiting fat consumption
4.      Exercise regularly
5.      Eat lots of fruits and vegetables immediately
6.      Do not smoke or drink alcohol
7.      Practice relaxation or meditation
8.      Trying to build a positive life

Hypertension Treatment
The goal of treatment of hypertension is not only lowers blood pressure, but also to reduce and prevent complications due to hypertension that patients can get stronger
Actions to consciously lower your blood pressure should be done regularly over a rather long period of time, sometimes even a lifetime. And it may require lots of patience perseverance of the patient. Jeripayah but it will bring results. By the following methods that can be conducted simultaneously, we can lower blood pressure:
1.      Reduce the number of blood
2.      Trying to reduce the heart pumping activity
3.      Trying to reduce the arterial wall smooth mengerutnya
4.      Reduce the number of systolic and diastolic values.
Treatment of hypertension based on the cause. Therapy for hypertension is usually medication, diet and exercise settings.
Patients should check blood pressure regularly to prevent complications.
For pregnant women can be done with
- Tranquilizers
- A diet low in salt
- Who launched a diuretic drug urine discharge.


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