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Identify skin diseases

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 9:48 AM

One function is to protect the body's skin. This function will be reduced or disrupted in the event of a fungal infection of the skin. After the "stick", the fungus will attack the skin and cause inflammation. Obvious symptoms of the emergence of reddish or blackish scales on the skin with an infected person. In the most severe level, fungal infections can occur in the blood causing the emergence of tissue lumps pus.

Medical term is dermatomikosis. That is, all the fungal diseases that attack the skin. Dermatomikosis term dermatophytosis should be distinguished from a class of fungi which are hooked or likes to digest the tissue that contain horn (keratin), for example, the stratum corneum in the epidermis (the epidermis), hair, and nails. Often he is called tinea, ringworm, ringworm, teigne, or herpes sirsinat1.
Dermatophytes are a class of fungi that cause dermatophytosis. It is divided into three genera, namely Trichophyton (T), mycrosporum (M), and Epidermophyton (E). The next class of dermatophytosis are classified according to location. If the strike is called tinea capitis of the scalp, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Tinea corporis, if attacking the body and limbs, including tinea kruris specifically attacking the groin, lower abdomen area, and around the anus. Tinea barbae invade the chin, beard and whiskers. Tinea manum strike hands and palms. Tinea pedis attack between the legs and feet. And tinea unguinum nail attack.

2.1 DISEASE phlegm
A. Understanding Disease Panu
Panu is one of a fungal disease called Malassezia furfur. Most cases of tinea versicolor is due to activation of Malassezia furfur from a change in the balance of normal flora of the skin. Factors that may affect the balance between environmental factors and the other is individual susceptibility. Environmental factors are moisture factors, whereas individual factors that affect immune diseases, malnutrition, use of medication that lowers immunity and the presence of a genetic predisposition (heredity). Due to these conditions, Malassezia furfur miselial will evolve into a form that is seen clinically pathogenic fungus as a disease.
Versicolor or pityriasis versicolor is a non-classified dermatomikosis dermatophytosis. Because the types of fungi, including dermatophytes cause is not, but Malassezia furfur. Typical clinical picture was not as tinea, a ring with a quiet area in the central part. Even if the complaint is not significant, a very popular skin problems have a tendency to chronic (chronic). Only when the body sweats, it gave birth to a skin infection itching. Clinical manifestation of scaly patches of fine white to brown. Geographic distribution can be anywhere, could be in the body, neck, arms, even in the armpits, groin, upper leg, face and scalp hair .. Phlegm, or in the medical world with a strange language called pityriasis versicolor, a fungal infection on the skin surface.

B. Causes of Disease Panu

The air was hot and humid, pregnancy, birth control pills, genetic factors, the use of steroid medications (allergy, anti-inflammatory, such as prednisone, dexamethasone, betamethasone, etc.). Malassezia fungi causing tinea versicolor usually is round, white, but can also slightly reddish or brown. Scaly skin so smooth, and it itches only when the body sweats. Can occur anywhere on the body, such as the neck, arms, groin, upper limbs, face, scalp, even in the armpit. Areas affected by fungal infection is the easy part moist. This disease often recurs. Cause the former white fungus on exposed skin after treatment. Usually recurrent and often-kumatan without complaint (asymptomatic). The disease is caused by Pityrosporum ovale.
Sometimes difficult to distinguish from allergies. But if the fungus is given anti-allergy medication was given prior anti-inflammatory (steroid), initially as improved, but the truth will become broader as anti-inflammatory allergy should not be given (Contra indications) on fungal diseases. Drug combination (anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory with anti-fungal) controversy.
The first priority should be the treatment of fungus, later followed by anti-allergic.

C. Symptoms of the disease by Panu Ditumbulkan
By naked eye. Usually itch when sweating. For those with dark skin, white spots, while for whites, light-colored patches, reddish.

D. Prevention
• Dry the towels after use and replace as often as possible.
• Bath
• Save or hanging clothes in a dry place.
If any of you are affected by fungus, there are some things you can do about it.
1. Apply antifungal medication. These include topical medications. Choose one that is completely safe for the skin and can effectively kill the fungus.
2. If the condition is severe tinea versicolor, oral treatment is needed. But, it should be by prescription from a doctor.
The more important fact is not treating this fungus disease, but how can prevent it. What can be done to prevent it are as follows:
1. Keep your skin kerbesihan. How, bathe regularly twice a day. Keep clear skin fungus to grow and develop.
b. Do not be exchanged and used the property of others, such as towels or clothes. If these items are terkera versicolor fungal spores, can be easily transmitted to other people who wear them.
c. Always keep the environment clean. Avoid dirty environments. With a clean condition skin fungus can not grow and multiply.

E. Treatment
 Drug external (topical)
Mikonazole nitrate 2% cream (for example: fungisol, interzol, ketomed, moladerm, mycoral, etc.). Cream applied morning and evening (after a shower) and is given if spotting is not widespread. If the area like the islands of the archipelago, can be given Mikonazole 2% in the form of powder, for example: daktarin, mycorine.
Duration of treatment: approximately 2-4 weeks.
For the baby should be given Mikonazole 2% in the form of powder, because the form of creams often cause uncomfortable feeling (sticky) so that the baby becomes fussy.
 Drinking Drugs (oral)
Ketokonasol tablet 200 mg (generic name), taken one tablet a day, after breakfast, for 2 weeks (other references say 10 days)
Oral medication can be supplied with an external medicine.
2.2 ringworm or scabies

Ringworm / sautu ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin caused by several different fungi and generally classified according to the affected body part. Ringworm ringworm or very popular, very often affects the skin. Ringworm (dermatophytosis) consisting of Tinea Apitis attacks the scalp, tinea corporis on the surface of the skin, Tinea Kruris in the folds of the skin, tinea pedis on the toes (athlete's foot), Tinea Manus on the skin of the palms, Tinea Imbrikata the form of scales on the skin certain areas, and Tinea Ungium (the nail). Typically in the form of scales or redness on the skin of white scales. The nail, inflammation around the nails, nail shape and can cause uneven surface, dull-colored, or blue. Ringworm / sautu Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin caused by several different fungi and generally classified according to the affected body part.
Ringworm ringworm or very often affects the skin. Generally in the form of patches and round or oval. The color is reddish, scaly, and berbintil-nodule. If scratched can cause blisters.

A Ringworm is classified according to the location of the fungus causes, among others:
• Ringworm affecting the scalp or around the eyebrows (Tinea capitis). Beware if itchy scalp, causing hair loss. There is the possibility of diseases caused by fungi. To be sure, need to be tested. Usually the doctor gives an antifungal ointment or cream.
• Ringworm of the groin attack, lower stomach area, around the anus or genital area outside (Tinea kruris). Spots that arise will be shaped like a circle on the edge of the circle line will appear red and scaly.
• Ringworm of attack between your fingers and soles of the feet (tinea pedis). In layman's language is called water fleas. Often these water fleas extends down between the thumb and other fingers. Because damp skin was white and brittle. Initially there was no alarming symptoms or complaints. But it appears the odor from the skin of your feet, it means there is a fungal infection. Bacterial infection may also appear with a tender red nodule symptoms, can even cause a fever.
• Ringworm affecting nails (Tinea unguinum). Ringworm is a rarely complain because they do not cause pain. However, the most difficult ringworm of the nails and old healed. Then be broken nails and brittle, the shape is no longer normal. At the bottom of the nail will accumulate the rest of the fragile tissue so that it can be a source of transmission to the skin.

Or B.Penyebab ringworm Ringworm Disease
Usually caused by Trichophyton or Epidermophyton, which is a fungus that can grow in areas that are moist and warm, between your toes.
Fungi can cause the formation of the scales are very smooth with no other symptoms or scales that are more content with an itchy rash, rough and painful between toes and on the edge of the foot.
Also can form a fluid-filled blisters.
Fungi can cause the foot to be cracked, causing bacterial infection, especially in elderly patients and patients gannguan blood flow to the legs. ). Vector-borne diseases are usually dogs and cats. Ringworm can be transmitted through direct contact with patients or indirectly.
• Or ringworm Ringworm on Groin
Jick also called itch and can be caused by a fungus.
More often found in men and more common in warm weather.
Infection causes redness is shaped like a ring, sometimes accompanied by small blisters on the skin around the upper thigh selangkakan and inner skin.
Can menumbulkan itching and even pain. Although it has been treated frequently repeated infection.
• ringworm or ringworm of the scalp
The cause is Trichophyton and Microsporum. The disease is highly contagious, especially in children. Can cause the formation of a red scaly rash that sometimes itchy or cause hair loss that leaves bald patches without the rash.
• ringworm Ringworm on Nail
Is an infection of the nails caused by Trichophyton.
Mushrooms into a new nail to grow and cause deformities kuklu become dull and thickened. These infections often attack the toenails.
• ringworm Ringworm On Board
The cause is Trichophyton. Infections usually cause a rash of pink to red blotches, sometimes forming circular and the center clear. Ringworm ringworm or skin usually found in the body.
• The Beard ringworm Ringworm
Most of the infections caused by bacteria attacking beard instead of mushrooms.
C. Disease Prevention ringworm Ringworm
Wash hands thoroughly, keeping the body clean, and avoid contact with patients.
D. Pengobatanya
Clinical products used:
K-liquid 1.UIE Clorofill (U.S. $ 140,000) dose of 3 × 1 shot dissolved in 1 cup of water a day, drink, and also in kompreskan place the injured or infected with fungus
2. K-Ayu Derme (U.S. $ 272 000) × 2 Dose 2-3 capsules per day, to repair the skin's structure and can be combined with the use of K-Ayulite Products (U.S. $ 272 000) 2-3 × 2 capsules per day.
3. Propolist Paltinum (U.S. $ 99,000) can be applied directly to itchy areas, used as an anti-bacterial and drink a dose of 3 × 4-5 drops per day.
4. Clorofill Trasparant Soap (U.S. $ 30,000) The use of antifungal drugs containing miconazole (C18H14Cl4N2O) and kloritomazol (C22H17ClN2) correctly can eliminate the infection.
Most infections are mild skin due to fungal, unless the infection on the scalp and nails. For mild infections are usually given anti-fungal cream, which contains the active ingredient miconazole, clotrimazole, econazole, or ketoconazole. Cream applied 2 times / day and treatment should be continued until 7-10 days after the rash is completely gone.
 If the drug is stopped too soon, the infection has not completely gone and the rash will come back. It can take several days for anti-fungal cream to cause the effect. During this time, frequently used corticosteroid creams to relieve itching and pain. For the infection is stubborn and can be administered griseofulvin rely more serious, sometimes accompanied by anti-fungal cream.
Griseofulvin by mouth (swallowed) are very effective, but can cause side effects such as headache, indigestion, light-sensitive terhdap, rashes, swelling and decreased white blood cell count. After use is stopped, the infection can occur again. Keeping the infected area dry and clean will help prevent further mold growth and accelerate the healing of the skin.
Infected areas should be washed frequently Degnan soap and water, then sprinkled with powder. Should avoid powder containing cornstarch because it can stimulate the growth of fungi. If there is bacterial infection, antibiotics may be given.
For dry skin can also be used Burrow's solution or Whitfield ointment.
2.3 scurvy
A. Scabies Disease Conditions
Disease or also known as Scabies Scabies is a contagious disease scabies or mange the skin plagued by an itch mite parasite. Scurvy appeared around the world, but is most common in areas that are too dirty or bad hygiene.
B. What causes scabies
Scabies or itch mite of scabies develops when the microscopic enters the human body as their hosts and interfere with the sensitivity of the reaction. Mites can live his life in the human skin, causing chronic infections. Female mites burrow into the skin to lay eggs for, then become larvae, emerging wedding and then make another hole in the egg hatch under kulit.Tempoh if new infections and 2 to 6 weeks of re-infection of 1 to 4 days.
C. Symptoms of Scabies
In tripikal, scabies causes itchy skin worse at night hari.Kadang - sometimes burrows made by the scabies mite can be seen as a very fine white lines on the skin, and red swelling may also terlihat.Daerah common disorders include a more severe in the wrists, armpits, buttocks, groin and slit fingers and toes, putting milk in women, and genetiali on pri1.Dan also in children - children burrows (lesions) can be seen in the head and neck.
D. Scabies Disease Pengobatann
1. NLX cream or Kwell
used starting from the neck down to cover the entire body. Wait 15 minutes before it wrapped, and avoid bathing for 8-12 hours. Wash contaminated clothing and linens in hot water or dry cleaning.
2. Krotamiton
an itch medicine on scurvy. Avoid the use of this drug on the skin near matadan open.
3. Permethrin
4. Benzyl Benzoate
2.4 ACNE

A. Understanding Acne
Acne (English: acne) is an abnormal condition of the skin due to excessive disruption of production of oil glands (sebaceous glands) that cause blockage of hair follicles and skin pores. Area that is prone to acne on the face, chest, back, arms and upper body.
Inflammation of the skin occurs when the sebaceous glands produce skin oil (sebum), causing excessive oil gland blockage in the channels and the formation of comedones (whiteheads) and seborhoe1. If the blockage to dilate, open comedones (blackheads) appears so that the interaction with the acne bacteri1. Acne is classified as mild if the shape is still blackheads with the number of lesions less than 30. If the number of lesions ranged from 30-125 it is called acne (papule). Of acne called nodular or cystic lesions arise when above 125.
The appearance of acne often occurs during puberty between the ages of 14-19 years are caused by hormonal changes in adolescents. Early detection is very difficult acne before puberty because the child will experience flaking skin three weeks. While as a teenager, peeling skin every four weeks.
The results showed 85% of the population suffers from acne at the age of 12-25 years, 15% of the population until the age of 25 years experience. If not resolved properly, acne problems can persist up to age 40 tahun.Selain cause acne scars, its main effect is on one's soul, like a crisis of confidence or self-conscious and depressed.

B. Causes of Acne
The real cause why a person has acne and others do not have a whole is still unknown. Some of the factors that cause acne are:
• Stress
• The offspring of parents
• hormone activity: One important factor that causes acne is the increased production of the hormone testosterone, which is owned by a body of men and women. Testosterone found in male and female body cause acne by stimulating oil glands (sebaceous glands) to produce the skin oil (sebum) in excess.
• Oil glands are hyperactive
• Bacteria in the pores of the skin
• Skin irritation or due to scratching
• decreasing the appearance of acne during the usage of pills
• Being in an environment with high levels of chlorine, particularly chlorinated dioxins, which cause serious acne, called chloracne
 Misconceptions of acne

Due to medical knowledge about acne is still small, many false rumors circulating about the cause of acne:
• Food. Chocolate, snack, sugar, milk and seafood does not cause acne. Medical research has so far found no significant difference between the incidence of acne in two groups of people, one group of foods at the top and the other is not. However, in the book The Acne Prescription, radical dermatologist Nicholas Perricone said that it is also a myth, and suggests a special diet with a lot of fish menu and a little sugar.
• Sex. Common myth states and not married masturbation can cause acne. But there is no medical evidence to confirm this opinion.

C. Type - Type of Acne
• TYPE 1: Blackheads, the nature and cause
Blackheads are the scientific name of which is blocked pori2, could be open or closed. Open comedones which is also called a blackhead, looks
such pori2 crescent and blackened (black is not dirt; in fact it is porous plug which changes color krn oxidized with air). Which closed comedo, or whitehead, which has grown over the skin which pori2 clogged; so looks like kecil2 white bumps under the skin. Acne is caused by sel2 komedoini kind of dead skin and oil glands of the skin pd superfluous. If you not exfoliate (scrub can, wash your face with a washcloth, use soap which contains salicylic acid or AHA / BHA, etc.) periodically skin, dead skin sel2 accumulate in the skin; oil on the skin surface and then cover sel2 skin, there was a blockage. Makeup and styling products that contain oils can aggravate the situation. Sweaty and hot and humid air that can also clog pori2.
• TYPE 2: Acne Usually, the nature and cause
This type of acne `classic 'is easily recognized, a small bulge in color
pink or reddish. Because congestion occurred pori2 who are infected with
the bacteri1. Which these bacteria can be found on the surface of the skin, can also
of washcloths, makeup brushes, fingers, also the phone. Stress, hormones
interchangeable and humid air that increase the likelihood of acne infection, krn cause skin to produce oil, which is where
grown-breeding bacteri1. Acne is caused by a hormone which
usually appears around the jaw and chin, according to a dermatologist who
Recommend pemkaian low estrogen birth control pills like Alesse and orthotricyclen orthocept.
• TYPE 3: Cystic Acne (Pimples Stone / Acne Corn), the nature and
Often referred to as big as a corn acne. If you feel the face
you like pizza toppings rampant, nah.inilah-cystic acne;
a big pimple, which inflamed with great tonjolan2, gathered in
the whole face (different from regular acne who gathered in one
bag. advance). This is the `godfather'nya acne, the most damaging not
only physically, but also confidence. Patients with cystic-acne
usually also have close relatives who also suffer from acne types
this; genetically sufferers have (1) oil glands
over-active pori2 who flooded with oil, (2) the growth of skin sel2
who normally do not regenerate as fast as unresponsive to normal skin and (3)
has a hyperbolic response to inflammation, so leaving scars on the skin.

D. How To Prevent
1. Always wash your face morning and night with a cleanser containing
salicylic-acid or AHA / BHA sel2 dead skin to peel. Or
facial skin scrub at least once a week. Always carry paper
oil absorbent to soak up excess oil on the face. Use
also mask for oily skin once a week.
2. To kill acne-causing bakteri2, use soap which
-benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur soap. And use anti-bacterial mask / acne once a week. If obat2-counter acne which does not work, ask your skin medicine acne medication containing vitamin A derivatives like Retin-1.
3. ask your doctor to prescribe antibiotic pills like tetracycline. When
tanda2 a month there is no improvement, doctors may be
prescribe Accutane (less certain in Indonesia already exists), which the drug effective, but controversial. Though healing takes up to 5 months, and can lead to defects in pregnant women, but still considered a panacea wrote a last resort.

E. Acne Treatment
For cystic acne is one-one, which effective treatment is
ask your dermatologist acne injected with cortisone, which makes
acne is cured within 48 hours. If the case is chronic, the pill
Accutane can be tried, although you will experience some side
effect, such as severe lip pecah2 reply (ask your prescribing dr.kulit
Acclovate, lip balm anti-inflammatory) and the skin which is dry.
To reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, use of drugs
acne that contains benzoyl-peroxide, or skin when you do not encounter
hold, use products which contain sulfur, such as Neo Medrol or
mujisat acne starting from Sari Ayu. If the acne was not obat2
work either, ask for a prescription ointment containing an antibiotic, one Garamicyn (can be purchased freely). This ointment can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation are also swelling.
Eliminate blackheads with plaster pore strips (like Biore pore
Pond's nose pack or tape zone). For whiteheads, acne drug use
that contains salicylic-acid, such as Neutrogena or Clinique brand of acne treatment gel solutions nigh.


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