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Is the Definition and Causes of Appendicitis

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 8:05 AM

Appendix or the appendix vermiformis is a small protrusion shaped like a finger, found in the large intestine (caecum), precisely on the border with right lower quadrant bowel ileum. Apendisks vermiformis may have some immune function, but bukanmerupakan important organ. Appendicitis is an inflammation of apendisks and is a cause of acute abdomen of the most frequent (Manjoer, 2000). Appendicitis refers to inflammation of the appendix, an additional function such as the bag is not located in the inferior part of the cecum. The most common cause of appendicitis is abstruksi lumen by fecal matter eventually damage the blood supply and erodes the mucosa causing inflammation (Wilson & Glodman, 1989)

Causes of Appendicitis
Appendix is usually caused by blockage of the appendix lumon / hyperplasia / lymphoid follicles, febalif, foreign objects, structures, due to fibrosis from previous inflammation or neoplasm
Cause apendicities not fully understood, in most cases of inflammation and infection of the appendix may be preceded by a blockage in the appendix. If inflammation continues without treatment, the appendix can rupture ruptured appendix can lead to:
  1. The entry of intestinal bacteria into the stomach, causing perinitis which can be fatal
  2. The formation of an abscess
  3. In females, egg nose and ducts can become infected and cause blockage of the channel which can cause infertility
  4. The entry of bacteria into the blood vessels (sephkemia) which can be fatal.


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