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The range of healthy and sick

Written By SALWA store on Monday, May 28, 2012 | 6:52 AM

Healthy Range
This range starts from healthy normal health status, healthy and prosperous one. Said to be healthy is not only free of disease but also covers all aspects of human life that includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Healthy limits itself mean that a state of perfect physical, mental and social development and not only free of disease or infirmity (WHO, 1947), based on such understanding, it is known is actually healthy characteristics: First, have the ability to reflect concern on the individual as a human being; both have a healthy outlook in the context of the environment, both internally and externally; the third has a creative and productive life.

Past experience
Past experience can affect change in health status. It can be terminated if there is an undesirable medical experience or the experience of ill health that have a major impact in subsequent health status. For example a person who never prevent a diarrhea, because of past experience in dealing with the one that causes diarrhea in the hospital itself, then in an everyday life that will always try to not repeat past experiences circuitry to prevent the things that can cause diarrhea.

An expectation about him
Expectations is one important part in improving the health status changes in the optimal direction. Hope of producing the level of health status better physically and psychologically. Because there will be motivated by the hope of a healthy lifestyle and always avoid the things that can affect her health status.

Offspring to be responsible for one's health status given the potential perubahn health status has been owned by genetic factors, although not very big but it will affect the response to various diseases.

Environment in question is the physical environment such as environmental sanitation kebrsihan yourself, or proper disposal of waste water and sewage house does not meet health requirements that may influence health behavior that can change health status.

Health care can be a place of service or service system that can affect health status. It can be found if the place is too far or the health service in membverikan service quality is not good, then it can affect a person's life in a healthy behavior.

Range of Pain
Range is a series of ill health in the concept of pain. This range starts from the state after the illness, pain, chronic pain and death. Pain is basically a state of disruption of a person in the process of growth and development functions of the body as a whole or in part, as well as disruption of the process of human adjustment, pain also can be regarded as interference in the normal function of the individual as a totality in which the state of the organism as a system of biological and social adaptation (Parsons , 1972). Pain can be determined from a symptom that is felt adnaya srta disruption of an individual's ability to perform daily aktivaitas.


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