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The Concept Of Culture And Health Community Hospital

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 7:54 AM

Mutant contains a lot of healthy term kulturan, social and professional understanding of the diverse. First from the point of view of medicine, health is closely associated with pain and disease. In fact it is not that simple, healthy should be viewed from various aspects. WHO (1981): Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

WHO defines a healthy sense as a perfectly good physical condition, rohami, as well as one's social welfare. What extent one can be considered complete physical? By health experts, medical anthropology is seen as a discipline biobudaya pays attention to those aspects of biological and social culture of human behavior, especially about the ways of interaction between the two throughout the history of human life that affect health and disease. Disease itself is determined by culture: this is because the disease is the social recognition that the person can not afford to run its normal role of natural causes. Way of life and human life style is a phenomenon that can be associated circuitry emergence of various diseases, in addition to the results of different cultures can also cause disease.

Community and traditional healers are two concepts embrace the cause of pain is: Naturalistic and personalistic. Naturalistic is the cause of a person suffering from pain due to environmental influences, the food (one meal), living habits, imbalance in the body, including the trust as a cold chills and congenital diseases. Embraced the concept of healthy pain medicine tradisiolan (Battra) similar to that adopted by the local community, which is a condition associated with a state agency or state body disorders and symptoms are healthy for a person means a state of normal Yuang, face, comfortable and can perform daily activities with passion. While the illness is considered as a state agency that is less fun, even perceived as a punishment that causes a person can not afford to run their daily activities as well as healthy individuals (7). While the personalistic concept considers the emergence of disease (illness) is caused by the intervention of an active agent which can be either non-human creatures (ghosts, spirits, ancestors or evil spirits), or human beings (witches, fortune-teller). Tracing the cultural values, such as the introduction of leprosy and treatment. Leprosy has been known by the ethnic Makasar long time. The existence of the term kaddala sikuyu (leprosy crab) and kaddala massolong (leprosy is melted) is an expression of support that leprosy is endemic have been in a long time in the midst of the community. 

The results of qualitative research and nkuantitatif on cultural values ​​in the District Soppeng, in relation to leprosy (kaddala, BGS) in Bugis society shows that arise and are strictly diamalkanya leprophobia because according to one cultural figures, in marriage counsel older people there , said kaddala come covered in it. Mentioned that in the event of a violation to have sex when she is menstruating, they (the bride) will be cursed and suffer from leprosy / kaddala. The idea of ​​aiming for a great moral being created in the new family, growing comply with the communication process in society and became a leper as a stage concept of sin. Understanding the patient as a result of the sins of the mother-father is suffering from early leprophobia. Low self-esteem of people with low self-esteem begins to feel tainted family when one family member suffering from leprosy. Accused of sin to have sex when she is menstruating for a fanatical Islam is perceived as psychosomatic traumna burden is very heavy. (8). 

Parents, the family is refusing her son was diagnosed leprosy. In the present study the use of Health Services. In the province of East Nusa Kalimanta Western Landmark (1990), the results of group discussions in East Kalimantan showed that the children expressed pain when mengangis continues, the body sweats, not eating, not sleeping, cranky, skinny. For adults, a declared sick when it's not working, can not walk, malaise, chills, dizziness, weakness, anemia, cough, nausea, diarrhea. While the results of group discussions at the World Medical Nusa Tenggara No Mirror. 149, 2005 50 

West suggests that the sick child be seen from the physical state of the body and behavior yaitujika show symptoms such as fever, cough runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, itching, sores, abscessed tooth, yellow body, leg and abdominal swelling. A traditional healers who also accept the view of modern medicine, has an interesting knowledge about ill-health problems. For him, the meaning of illness are as follows: bodily pain means no signs of disease in the body such as high fever, weak eyesight, is not strong work, it is difficult to eat, sleep disturbances, and weakness or pain, lie down or rest it wants. Inner Padapenyakit no signs on his body, but can be known by asking the supernatural. In healthy people, movements agile, strong, working, normal body temperature, and then the normal sleep, visions bright, bright eyes, do not complain of lethargy, weakness or body aches (9). 

Based on the range of healthy-sick, then the paradigm of nursing in the health-illness concept, the paradigm of nursing in the concept of healthy-looking sore that forms keperawtan services to be provided over a range of healthy and sick, will advance the health status in a healthy range, pain, whether its status in setanggah stage illness, pain or chronic pain, so it will dikethaui levels of nursing care to be provided and the objectives to be expected in improving health status. Range where it can be drawn from the hospital a half sick, skait, chronic pain and death ended circuitry, while the healthy range can dgigambarkan from normal healthy, very healthy and prosperous as the highest health status. 

This range is a measurement tool in assessing the status kesehaqtan that is dynamic and always changing in every time. Through this range can be known limitation of nurses in nursing practice clearly.


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