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Process Stages of Pain

Written By SALWA store on Monday, May 28, 2012 | 6:55 AM

Symptomatic stage
This stage is the initial stage of a person experiencing the pain with a marked presence of uncomfortable feelings towards him because of the onset of the symptoms that can include physical symptoms such as feelings of pain, heat and others as a manifestation of imbalance in the body. Any symptoms arise as a physical manifestation.

Assumptions to disease stage
At this stage a person will do the interpretation of the pain they experienced and will experience keraguraguian the disorder or disturbance that is felt in her body. After interpreting symptoms, the MKA someone will respond in the form of emotions for symptoms such as feeling of fear and anxiety. To overcome the fear or gold, and then conducted the consultation process surrounding circuitry or people considered to be more aware or came to the place of treatment. This stage can be found gejal end up with a definite and there is a change of surroundings. This process can be influenced by several factors, including past knowledge or experience.

In these conditions one can perform the role of pain circuitry for the purpose of obtaining health care, according to Parson tersbeut role can include: First, the client does not hold responsibility for the condition during the illness; Second: The client was released from duty and social functioning; third: the client is required to try to obtain healthy condition as quickly as possible; Fourth, klein and families seeking help competent person.

Stages of contact with health services.
This stage one has to make contact with health services dnegan seek advice from health professionals such as doctors, or other treatments are carried out on his own initiative. Information search process is performed to justify the state of his illness, and to know the symptoms that are not understood by the client and the belief that he would be better. If after consultation found no more symptoms exist, then the client considers himself cured. However, if symptoms recur, then he will come back to health.
Phase Dependence
This stage occurs after a person is considered mengamali a disease that will certainly get medical help so that the condition of a person already in pengobtan ketergangungan but not all people have the same level of dependence, but differ based on the level kebutuhanya. This condition can also be affected by the disease. This stage can be done with the assessment of the need for dependence and can be given support to someone experiencing independence.

Stages of healing
This stage is the last step towards the return of the ability to adapt, where someone will make the process of learning to let go of his role during the illness and regained its pre-hospital as well as the preparation to function in social life. Role of health professionals here to help clients to increase independence and provide harpan and life to prosperity.


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