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And the impact of behavior on the sick

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 8:17 AM

Impact of Pain
Impact of pain can occur in individuals who have experienced good pain that has been experiencing pain who were treated either at home or be hospitalized. These impacts may occur in individual families or communities. These impacts include:
First, there is a change in family roles. During the sick role in the family will have the disorder given a change of role from one of the ill family member.
Second, the occurrence of psychological disorders. This situation may result in atres (tension) to experience severe anxiety, psychological if not prepared properly. Psychological disruption process begins with the conflict against him such as anxiety, fear and others.
The third financial problems, the impact is obviously going to happen because adnaya some financial expenditure during illness was not previously suspected given the cost of care and medicines are quite expensive.
Fourth, the readiness due to separation. These impacts can occur in someone who had always brkumpul with family, but when the sick person should be treated and separated from his family.
Fifth, the change in social habits. This is definitely going to remember for the home society interaction circuitry will always happen but when someone is sick all the social activities will be amended.
Sixth, the disruption of a person's privacy. A person's privacy can be directed to the pleasant feeling that reflects a person's level of appreciation. This unpleasant feeling will be impaired because of their activities at home skait terbtas dnegan life and needs to be interrupted so as to make the unpleasant feelings that lead to social rewards difficult to achieve.
Seventh, autonomy. Have supplied all the needs of patients in the hospital resulted in a decreased ability of patient activity for the state to set up their own independent and difficult to achieve so that patients will always have the dependency.
Eighth, lifestyle changes, the rules and regulations of the hospital particularly healthy behaviors and rules in the food, medication and activities that a person will experience a change in lifestyle that is always cautious and avoid things that are forbidden according to the provisions of the treatment process dnegan and treatment.

Conduct on the sick
In addition to the impact caused by sickness or be hospitalized, even during the ill person will experience a change in the act which have an impact on him. The behavioral changes that occur during illness include:
1. Feelings of fear
These behavioral changes can occur in all the circuitry characterized by feelings of fear as a result of the illness. If the acceptance of his illness and its impact can not be received in full to someone who gets ill, the person will terhantuio this feeling of fear and if left unchecked will disrupt a person's mental status.
2. Withdraw
In people who are sick will always have the anxiety. Level of anxiety experienced by a person would be different. To reduce anxiety, then a person will behave like the silent pull out if not given the question. It is a form of the attempt to avoid anxiety.
3. Egocentric
This behavior can occur in a sick person who has always shown a lot of mempersoialkan himself and not listen to others' feelings or memilikirkan others. This behavior is also shown dnegan always want to talk about his illness.
4. Sensitive to small problems
On the sick behavior change is usually always caused by always questioning little things such as the impact of psychological disturbance are always complaining if things do not fit with him.
5. High emotional reaction
This behavior can be shown from someone who mengalamis akit circuitry weepy, irritable, angry, and demands more attention from people sakitar.
6. Changes in perception
Persepsio changes during this illness DAPT indicated by the onset of the perception that doctors and nurses are the people who can help to heal it so great hopes on the doctors and nurses.
7. Lack of interest
Changes in behavior that is shown to someone who is experiencing this pain tends to be a lack of interest occurred carneae stress (tension) caused by the perceived illness and decreased ability to perform daily activities.

Efforts that can be done by nurses within the nursing paradigm for a range of ill-health is to conduct preventive measures either primary, secondary and tertian. Primary prevention efforts may include special perilindungan and protection of health in order to avoid the various diseases, the action is performed on healthy ranges. Secondary and tertiary preventive measures carried out by early diagnosis and appropriate treatment and prevent complications arising from a variety of diseases and rehabilitation over the range of illness.

Healthy Behavior
Healthy behaviors exhibited by individuals who feel themselves healthy although they are not necessarily nmedis really healthy. Appropriate circuitry ntentang pain perception and pain behavior of the disease and health behavior were subjective in nature. Public perception of ill-health is very influenced by elements of past experience in addition to social nunsur culture. Conversely health care workers strive to implement the objective medical criteria based on symptoms that seem to diagnose the physical condition of individuals.


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