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Prevalence of a disease

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 8:23 AM

Disease is a complex phenomenon that adversely affect human life. Human behavior and way of life can be a cause of various diseases, both in primitive times and in the community who are very advanced civilization and kebudayannya. In terms of biological disease is a disorder of various organs of the human body, while the community in terms of sickness behavior is considered as a deviation from the normative social circumstances. Discrepancy could be due to abnormalities of biomedical olehj ataiu organs of the human environment, but also can be caused by abnormalities prsikososial emosiuonal and individuals concerned. Emotional factors and psikosial is basically a result of environmental or human ecosystems and human or cultural customs.

The concept of disease incidence according to type of disease depends the health sciences. In general, this conception is determined by many factors including parasites, vektorm humans and the environment. Anthropologists kesehatna which by definition can be stated to the ecology-oriented, concerned with the interrelationship between human and natural environment, the behavior of the disease and the ways the disease affects the behavior of cultural evolution through the feedback process (foster, anderson, 1978) (12_.
Disease can be seen as an element in the human environment, as seen in sickle-cell trait (sickle cell) among West African populations, an adaptive evolutionary change, which gives the relative immunity against malaria. Sickle cell trait was not a threat, even a characteristic of cool because it gives high protection against the bite of Anopheles mosquitoes.


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