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Use of Seal Water Drainage

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 7:54 AM

Trauma, illness or surgery can result in leakage into the intrapleural area. Real leak spontaneously absorbed. Closed chest drainage system keep optimal lung expansion and improve the drainage of fluid and blood from the pleural area. There are two types of systems are commercially available and Waterless seal water system. The subject this time is to be elaborated on water seal drainage system.
Drainage Water Seal is a tool that is installed ditoraks used to remove liquids, air from the chest cavity.

Installation destination DRAINAGE WATER SEAL
  1. Out of gas, liquid blood or fluid from the alien that is solid pleural cavity of the chest or thoracic cavity and the mediastinal space.
  2. Lung expansion and restore function kardiorespiratori
Pleural Tube: Used to remove fluid / air from the pleural cavity, to restore intrapleura negative pressure, allowing the expansion of the lung after trauma or surgery.
Mediastinal Tube: Used to remove fluid from the mediastinal cavity after cardiac surgery or other operations on mediastinum

The types of system in SEAL WATER DRAINAGE
One bottle system: This system provides a water seal to use gravity to megalirkan drainage of the pleural cavity. Because the bottle is running one of two functions: as exploiters and as a disinfectant. Limit the water content of 2 cm.
Two bottle system: hose attached to the thorax of patients associated with a disinfectant fluid-filled tubes, the MENA at the hose clamps are included which can be opened and closed. Of disinfectant fluid-filled tube is mounted hose connecting again with a tube called the undulations that serves to suction.

Patients should be installed DRAINAGE WATER SEAL
1.   Pneumothorax
2.   Hematoraks

Position should be given to patients when installed DRAINAGE WATER SEAL
  1. Pneumotaks patients. Given semi-Fowler position to an upright position to evacuate the air as it allows optimal drainage of fluid or air. The air rises to the highest point on the chest. Pneumothorax biaanya hose placed on the anterior aspect of the line midklavikula, second or third interkustal area.
  2. Hematoraks patients given high-Fowler position to drain the fluid. Because it allows optimal drainage of fluid. Hose placed on the posterior midaksilaris line, eighth or ninth intercostal area.

How to care of injured patients who mounted DRAINAGE WATER SEAL
1. Check the care of injured patients who mounted DRAINAGE WATER SEAL
2. Give sala, pangil patients with pleasure call and introduce yourself
3. Explain the procedure to the client's actions
4. Explain the purpose of the action to be performed
5. Give clients the opportunity to ask
6. Wash hands
7. Preparing the tools:
  • Stethoscope
  • Perlak
  • Clean gloves
  • Sterile Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton alcohol
  • Korentang
  • Bent
  • Kassa sterile
  • Plaster
  • Betadine
  • Scissors

8. Pairs of waterproof under lukapasien
9. Bring bent to close the wound
10. Put on gloves
11. Take a cotton swab alcohol, wring it and wipe the plaster attached to the skin / wound patients
12. Take the tweezers to remove the bandage penutupluka membukaplaster and then dispose of the bent
13. Open the glove and replace it with sterile gloves
14. Take the gauze with tweezers and dip it in betadine, wring it out with tweezers, kemudianbersihkan wound from the inside out, try again jikadiperlukan
15. Take the middle of gauze scissors, a total of 2 pieces
16. Place the gauze on the wound that has been cut
17. Plaster kassanya
18. Ask the client response after treatment
19. Give reforsment conducted in cooperation with the patient
20. Give the contract to come
21. Wrong
22. Documentation


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