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What are the signs and symptoms apendicities

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 | 8:22 AM

In general, the combination of appendicitis have typical symptoms consisting of nausea, and severe pain in the belly bottom right. Pain may be sudden starts of the upper abdomen or around the navel, then nausea and vomiting.
After a while, the nausea disappeared and the pain shifts to the lower right abdomen. If the doctor presses on this area, the patient felt a dull pain when the pressure is dilepakan pain may increase sharply and fever may also occur which can reach 37.8 ° C-38, 8oC.

In addition to general symptoms, there are some other symptoms of disorders that arise as a result of appendicitis. Onset of symptoms depends on the location of the appendix was inflamed even.
The symptoms are:
Due to the apekdis tetrosekal retroperiotenal placed behind the chaff (protected by the husk) marks the lower right abdominal pain is not so clear and no signs of peritoneal stimulation. The pain is more toward the right abdomen or peritoneal signs of stimulation. The pain is more toward the right abdomen and pain occur at the time of movement such as walking, breathing deeply, coughing and straining. This pain occurs due to contract ion in psoas major tightening of the dorsal. 

When apekdiks located dirongga pelvis 
If the appendix is ​​located in daearh or attached to the rectum, will be symptoms or rectum and sigmoid stimulation, thus increasing peristaltic. Emptying of the rectum will become closer, quickly and repeatedly (diarrhea). 
Bula appendix dareah terlektak in or attached to any of the bladder, may be an increase in urinary frequency, m due to stimulation of the walls. Symptoms of the appendix is ​​sometimes unclear and not typical. So difficult to diagnose and consequently, the appendix is ​​not treated in time, so it is usually only discovered after the perforation. Here are some situations where symptoms are not specific and clear appendix.
In children
Early symptoms often mengangis and would not eat. Often children can not explain the pain and then would occur a few hours of vomiting and the child becomes weak and lethargic. Because of the obscurity of these symptoms are known after perforated appendicitis. Once the pattern of the baby, known only 80-90% of appendicitis after perforation.
In older people aged
Symptoms are often vague and not specific so it is more than half of new cases can be diagnosed after perforation
In women
Degan appendicitis symptoms often confused with symptoms of disorders similar to appendicitis, ie starting from the genitals (menstruation ovulation) pelvic inflammatory disease or other siblings. In pregnant women, with usiakehamilan trimester, the symptoms of appendicitis abdominal pain, nausea and munta. Confused with similar symptoms that can be generated at this gestational age, whereas in late pregnancy, the cecum and appendix are encouraged to kranioletal, so fatigue is not felt in the lower right abdomen bagia, but more to the right lumbar rigio.


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