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The definition of ill health

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 7:51 AM

According to the WHO says "healthy" includes a state of complete physical, mental and social, not merely freedom from disease and disability (weakness).
Roy defines health as a concinuum of merunggal up to the highest level of health. He stressed that a healthy state and the process in an effort to make himself an integrated and overall physical, mental and social. Integrity of individual adaptation is manifested by an individual's ability to fulfill the purpose of maintaining the growth and reproduction.

Pain is a condition of an individual's inability to adapt to stimuli originating from within and outside the individual. Very healthy and diseased individuals perceived by the individual. Person's ability to adapt (coping) depending on the individual's background in interpreting and sense-perception of pain, such as educational level, occupation, age, culture and others.


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