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Clinical Picture of Pertussis

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 5:47 AM

Period of 7-14 days of shoots, the disease can last up to 6 weeks or more and is divided into three stages, namely:

Kataralis Stadium: The duration of 1-2 weeks. At the beginning only a mild cough, especially at night. These coughing grew worse and occur day and night. Other symptoms are runny nose, hoarseness and anorexia. This stage resembles regular influenza.

Spasmodic stage: 2-4 weeks duration. At the end of the week of increasingly severe coughing and going proksismal a typical cough. The patient was sweating, neck and facial blood vessels to widen. The patient cough up so heavy tread agitated with a red face and cyanotic. Long bouts of coughing, there is no such inspirium and ends with a whoop (a long, deep breath-pitched sounds). Often accompanied by vomiting and a lot of thick sputum. Children can be terberak-stools and peed. Activities such as laughing and crying can cause coughing.

Konvalensi Stadium: The length is approximately 2 weeks to heal. In the fourth week the number and severity of attacks was reduced coughing, vomiting also reduced as well, my appetite back. Diffuse crackles found in spasmodic stage begin to disappear. A kind of common cold infections can cause coughing attacks again. When encountered a patient with cough has long been given the drug and no improvement. Moreover, there are complaints of cough with vomiting at the longer end of the cough and high-pitched voice can be presumed that the patient has pertussis.

Diagnostic Examination of Pertussis
At the beginning of the stadium and stadium kataralis spasmodic rising sometimes to the number of leukocytes per mm3 with limfosis 15000-45000, diagnosis can be confirmed by isolating the bacteria from the airway secretions are released when coughing. In the laboratory diagnosis of pertussis can be determined berdasrkan bacteria in culture or by examination imunofluresen.


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