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Complications and Prevention of Pertussis

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 20, 2012 | 5:21 AM

Complications of pertussis are as follows:
Otitis media may occur (often in infants), bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, atelectasis caused by mucus blockage, emphysema (mediastinal emphysema may occur, neck, severe skin kaswus) bronkrektasis whereas pre-existing tuberculosis can become more severe.

Digestion Tool
Severe vomiting that can lead to emasiasi (the child becomes very thin) or hernia prolapsed rectum that may arise due to intra-abdominal pressure tingginyua, ulcers on the tip of the tongue because it rubbed on the teeth or coughing attacks tergigik time, also stomatitis.

Nervous System
Seizures may occur due to electrolyte imbalance due to vomiting. Sometimes there is congestion and edema in the brain, brain bleeding may also occur.

Prevention can be done in 2 ways:
1.      Actively, by giving the pertussis vaccine in a total of 12 units divided by the dose interval of 8 weeks.
2.      Passively, prevention can be done by giving chemoprophylaxis.


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