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Prognosis, investigation and treatment of sarcoidosis

Written By SALWA store on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 8:41 AM

Prognosis of sarcoidosis
Many penderit ayang not experience a serious illness and disease can disappear without treatment.
30-50% of the cases had spontaneous pemulihyan within 3 years of more than 60% of patients are asymptomatic after 9 years. Even the enlarged lymph nodes in the chest and the lung inflammation that can be
lost wide in a few months or years. More than 75% of people who greet swollen lymph nodes and more than 50% of patients lungs are involved, recovered within 5 years. Patients with sarcoidosis are still limited in the chest, better than those who also have sarcoidosis elsewhere.
Patients with enlarged lymph nodes in the chest but do not indicate a disease begins with erythema nosodom have the best prognosis.

Examination support
- Calculate blood type
- Pulmonary function tests (lung biladi formed scar tissue, then the result will show the amount of air the lungs can hold is below normal).
- ACE enzyme levels (in many patients, the levels of enzymes convert angiotensin in the blood is high)
- Rotgen chest to look for enlarged lymph nodes
- Biopsy of skin wounds in
- Bronchoscopy
- An open lung biopsy
- Liver biopsy
- Biopsy of kidney
- EKG to look for heart abnormalities
- The skin test tuiberkulin
- Skening gallum
- Liver enzymes.

Because the cause is known and there is no penyakitinibelum drug treatment option shown untukmencegah progesivitas, improve or relieve symptoms of regression of disease with minimum side effects.
To suppress severe symptoms such as shortness of breath, joint pain and fever, administered corticosteroid.
Costicosteroid also be given if:
- Test results show that high blood calcium levels
- Regarding the heart, liver or nervous system.
- Sarcoidosis causes skin lesions or diseases of the eye that is not cured with corticosteroid eye drops
- Lung disease to get worse
The use of corticosteroid followed 1-2 years. Other drugs are sometimes used as an adjunct to corticosteroids are immunosuppressant drugs. Such as azathioprine and cyclophosphamide methostrexat.


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