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Kinds or Types of Diagnosis

Written By SALWA store on Friday, May 18, 2012 | 11:03 PM

1.     Social Diagnosis
Social diagnosis is a diagnosis to determine the perceived problems of society, and determine the priority of the problem. In the XX many health problems that arise, such as influenza and diarrheal diseases. Based on the magnitude of the problem of diarrhea is the disease a top priority to be completed. According to the number of people affected by the majority of patients who contracted diarrhea were infants or children aged 1-4 years. The impact of diarrhea can be up to death, but the possibility to prevent and cope with the disease can still be done.

2.     Diagnosis Epidemiology
Diagnosis of epidemiology is to find the cause of social problems in terms of health. Social problems that arise and cause diarrheal diseases, among others:
  1. The number of infant births, making it very vulnerable to diarrheal diseases that occur in the area.
  2.  Low socio-economic circumstances that are prone to diseases of malnutrition. State of malnutrition will affect the duration of diarrhea and its complications.
  3. Knowledge is low, so many people do not understand the actions that can suppress the occurrence of diarrheal diseases, such as lack of breast-feeders and children. Breast milk is proven to increase endurance.
  4. Unfavorable environment, poor sanitation facilitate the spread of diarrhea, either through food, drinking water is contaminated with germs that cause diarrhea and river water.
  5. Population density, so that the distance of latrine construction with a clean water source does not meet health requirements.
  6. Hot ambient temperatures as a result the body loses a lot of water and salt leading to dehydration which can lead to diarrhea.
3.     Diagnosisi Behavior
Diagnosis of education is a phase factor to look for causes of behavior. 3 factors that may influence unhealthy behaviors such as:
  1. Positive lifestyles such as throwing feces orchards, rice fields or rivers, thus polluting the water.
  2. Dimjasak not drink water, so the possibility of entry of the germs that cause diarrhea are very large.
  3. Doing self-medication and health services rarely visited places. As a result if treatment is not exactly going to cause disease.
4.     Diagnosis Education
Diagnosis of education is a phase factor to look for causes of behavior. 3 factors that may influence unhealthy behaviors such as:
  1. Low knowledge that causes many people to build latrines or toilets that distance does not meet health requirements and criteria, thus contaminating the water source.
  2. Lack of availability of health centers in the area. Even if there are supplies of medicines is not complete, so people are reluctant to visit the place of service.
  3. The absence of community leaders who want to pursue to the central government to be held counseling or other health promotion in the region.
  4. Responsible for the area or the character of existing leaders in the area do not want to move people for mutual help clean up and improve environmental sanitation.


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