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Problem often encountered during pregnancy

Written By SALWA store on Friday, September 27, 2013 | 7:57 AM

Pregnancy for the mother is a miracle that can not be purchased with the material . Pregnancy is often the cause of health problems and emotional and mental problems like stress , however, still be a pregnancy periods extraordinary moment awaited by all mothers .

There are women who have to wait for years to get pregnant , some are immediately endowed not long after getting married everything will leave unforgettable memories for the women , although they had to pass many , pregnancy is still something beautiful and amazing . However, women should have a lot of knowledge in preparation to undergo a process of pregnancy were not at all easy .

During pregnancy , experiencing pain and soreness is normal . There are several ways that can make the body more comfortable . If you are concerned , contact your doctor . Not all mothers feel the same way during pregnancy . Anyone feel the complaint during pregnancy , some are not at all . Minor health problems are often felt by pregnant women is like a muscle spasm , difficult bowel movements , nausea , vomiting , leg swelling , ulcers , vaginal discharge , varicose veins , and so forth . Some Constraints / Health Problems Frequently Encountered The Pregnant Woman In Pregnancy :

Low Back Pain : A variety of hormones released during pregnancy to relax the body and stretch the ligaments in preparation for birth . This will increase the burden on your back and your hips . The things that can be done :
Back strengthening exercises ( ask how the physiotherapist )
Stop using high heels
Sleeping with a rather hard mattress
Be careful when lifting any
Pay attention to your posture when sitting . Keep your back straight so that your neck and back are in a straight line .
In the late stages of pregnancy , rest as much as possible
Ask for suggestions on how to reduce the burden physiotherapist strain on your back .

Hormonal changes and fetal development can lower the gut works , thus causing constipation . Things you can do is Consuming foods rich in fiber , such as whole wheat bread , fruit , vegetables , cereals , or beans . Drink lots of water and fruits .

Cramps : Painful sharp and sudden arise in the calf muscles or feet is often the case , especially at night. The things that can be done is light exercise will help improve blood circulation . If you have cramps , rub the area flex muscle cramps and to reduce pain .

Fainting / Dizziness Spins Because uterine blood flow you take a lot of feeling dizzy so often found in pregnant women . The things that can be done :
keep cool
Try not to stand too long
If you feel dizzy , lie down
Do not stand up too fast from a sitting position
Heartburn ( burning sensation in the pit of the stomach sometimes accompanied by chest pain )

Burning sensation in the chest caused by stomach acid flowing back into the esophagus . You often experience it when you lie down , or after certain foods that can make it difficult to sleep . The things that can be done is
Consult with your doctor for proper treatment
Sleep propped up with lots of pillows
Drink a glass of milk a few hours before bedtime and do not eat anything after that .
Avoid foods that make this happen and do not eat before bed .
Hemorrhoids / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids ( or haemorrhoids ) are swollen veins around the anus which can be caused by pressure ijanin dar . Hemorrhoids can cause itching or bleeding , can be mixed with dirt through and very uncomfortable . This condition usually improves on its own after birth . The things that can be done is
Eating lots of fiber foods , such as whole wheat bread , pasta , fruit , vegetables , cereals , and beans ,
Drink lots of water and fruits
Foot , Ankle and Finger Swelling

Ankles, feet , and fingers are often slightly swollen in pregnancy because the body stores more water than usual . The things that can be done is to avoid standing for a long time . Wear comfortable shoes Put your feet as much as you can . Try to rest for one hour a day with your feet higher than the heart . Try to exercise your lower leg . Leg exercises to help swollen ankles

Can be done sitting or standing . This will improve blood circulation , reduce swelling in the ankle and prevent cramps in the calf muscles . Bend and stretch your legs up and down as much as 30 times . Rotate the foot as much as 8 times to one direction and 8 times in the other direction

Fatigue - Feeling very tired pregnant women often complain , especially during the first months of pregnancy and late stages of things that can be done is
Eating and drinking well
Adequate rest
Ask friends, family and colleagues to help
The problems that Can not be Ignored

If you are having problems like this , or feel worried , call your doctor or health care professional right away :
often unconscious
Severe pain in the abdomen
Swelling of the face , hands and eyes
Impaired vision
Severe headache
Weight gain sudden unexplained cause
vaginal bleeding
severe vomiting
Painful urination
Sudden increase in thirst with urination little or no
There is no movement or movement of the baby is reduced after 22 weeks of pregnancy ( less than 10-12 movements per day )
Severe itching on hands and feet stomach
Suffered a blow , or a fall on your stomach
Pre - eclampsia Pre - eclampsia is a condition that occurs only in pregnancy or soon after birth. Women have high blood pressure , accompanied by leakage of protein in the urine , and increased body fluids . Pre - eclampsia affects approximately 1 in 14 women

Usually occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy
Not necessarily require treatment .
Regular examination may be enough
About 1 in 100 women with pre - eclampsia can progress to eclampsia pre- eclampsia is accompanied by convulsive seizures followed by coma , which can be life-threatening . Generally occurs during the last 3 months of pregnancy and the first 48 hours after birth .
If you suffer from pre - eclampsia , it is crucial that you take a urine sample with you every time you perform antenatal up

Symptoms of pre - eclampsia
There are no symptoms in the early stages of pre - eclampsia
Increased blood pressure can be an indicator , therefore it is important to check regularly as your pregnancy
Proteinuria ( excess protein in the urine ) , visual disturbances , headache
If it is growing, you may experience :
Severe headaches or vision problems , such as blurred or dizzy
Pain in the upper abdomen
throw up
Sudden swelling in your feet , ankles , face and hands , and excessive weight gain due to fluid retention
If these symptoms continue to develop , consult with your doctor immediately .

Treatment : Treatment is usually aimed at lowering blood pressure . With rest and medication ( usually in the hospital ) . The medical team will usually try to manage the symptoms until after week 36 , when it is safe for you to deliver your baby


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