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Investigations and differential diagnosis of appendicitis

Written By SALWA store on Sunday, May 27, 2012 | 5:28 AM

Investiogation Of Appendicitis
There will be a mild leukocytosis (10.00-20.000/ml) with an increased number of neutrophils. Urine examination is also necessary to distinguish it from disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract. In the acute cases are not allowed to do the barium enema, chronic appendicitis while this action is justified. Ultrasound examination performed when there has been appendicular infiltrate.

Diagnosis of Appendicitis Appeal
Acute gastroenteritis is a disorder that is often confused with appendicitis. This abnormality is more frequent vomiting and diarrhea. Fever and leucocytes will increase obviously, and not in accordance with the stomach pains that arise. Location of pain is not clear and moving. Hiperperistaltik are typical symptoms. Agastroenteritis usually runs an acute observation of a periodical will be able to establish the diagnosis. Mesenterikum adenitis may also show symptoms and signs are identical with appendicitis. The disease is more common in children, usually preceded by respiratory tract infections. Locations in the lower right abdominal pain is not constant and persistent, rarely true muscle guarding. Diverkulits meckeli also showed almost the same symptoms. Location of pain may be more to the medial, but this is not a reliable diagnostic criteria. Since both of these disorders require surgery, then perbedahannya is not important. Regional enteritis, amubiasis, iletis acute, ulkkus duodeni perforation, ureteric colic, acute salpingitis, ectopic pregnancy and twisted ovarian cyst is often confused with appendicitis. Right lower lobe pneumonia sometimes associated with pain in the lower right quadrant.


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